Vibration Control & Analysis Software Solutions

Working With RULA Technologies we are able to bring you a range of powerful software solutions for all types of closed loop vibration control as well as signal processing and analysis. These solutions have been developed with the user in mind and provide an intuitive user interface backed up by a FREE lifetime software update promise.

In addition to analysis solutions we are also pleased to offer the unique specialist developed transducer calibration software for vibration transducers which applies calibration methods in accordance with ISO 16063-21. Offering a fully automated calibration process and reporting this can dramtically cut your calibration time whilst improving accuracy and traceability.

VisProbe SL

Vibration Control Software Solutions

VisProbe SL

Vibration control systems produced by RULA Technologies are used with a specialized software package for running vibration tests – VisProbe SL. Each software option in VisProbe SL can be activated independently of the others to meet the user’s requirements.

Control modes available

Sine, Random, Shock, Shock Response Spectrum, Sine on Random, Random on Random, Sine and Random on Random, Sine on Sine, Transient Time History, Field Data Replication, Test Sequencing, Transient Capture, FDS (Fatigue Damage Spectrum), Kurtosis Control,


Data Analysis and Signal Processing Software


is a powerful suite of programs intended to record and analyze signals of different dynamic processes. The sources of signals can be different: the data can come from DAQ devices in real-time or from a recorded file. It is possible to analyze the data acquired with a range of RULA hardware devices or imported from other acquisition systems.

FFT Analysis, Octave Analysis, Statistic Analysis, Cross Spectrum, Shock Response Spectrum, Tachoanalysis, Arithmetic Operations., Waterfall Analysis, Filters, File Editing, Modal Analysis, Blade Balancing, Blade Tracking


Shock and Vibration Capture Software for RL-R17


VisShock is intended for use with the RL-R17 stand alone shock and vibration hardware to measure and record vibration impact and temperature during transportation of various loads, with subsequent reading, analyzing, and documenting the results on your PC.

VisShock is a user-friendly interface that has all the necessary tools for device configuration, as well as graphic and digital representation of the recorded data.

Transducer Calibration

Dedicated Specialist Calibration Software

Transducer Calibration

Transducer calibration should be an essential part of your quality procedures to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the sensors used in the course of your tests. RULA Technologies presents an extensive, easy-to-use transducer calibration software. The software provides traceable back-to-back calibration of vibration sensors according to ISO 16063-21.

  • User-defined sine excitation;
  • Random signal excitation;
  • Calibration by substitution method;
  • Triaxial measurements in one protocol.

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