Data Acquisition & Analysis Hardware

RULA Technologies offer a range of data acquisition and hardware solutions that can be used for a wide variety of data acquistion and analysis applications. Options include portable battery powered and stand alone solutions up to 512 channels. The highly flexible configurable hardware options provide a truly ‘all purpose’ solution whereby data acquisition and analysis and vibration control can use the same hardware platforms (albeit not at the same time).

The VisAnalyser and VisShock software provide a wide range of standard and optional analysis packages covering FFT, Modal, Octave, Waterfall analysis along with many more, for full details of the software solutions please visit the Software Solutions page.


Vibration & Shock Recorder

Battery powered - nom. 720 hour life

Embedded triaxial accelerometer

Embedded temperature sensor

Software configurable

Rugged Aluminium Case


Continuous recording mode

Shock event recording mode

Acceleration range options ±15g or ±190g

Accelerometer accuracy ±5%

Temperature Sensor Accuracy ±1%

Frequency range 0.1 to 800Hz

Sample rate 0.05 to 3.2kHz

Dimensions 120x110x36mm

Weight 0.73kg

Operating Temp.: -40 to +60°C

Enclosure rating IP65

Can be used with VisShock Software


Portable Data Acquisition and Analysis System

4 or 8 input channels

1 Tacho channel

Frequency range DC, 0.1-60000Hz

Stand alone operation or PC Linked analysis

Integral full colour 5.7" screen


Input range ±20V

Inputs IEPE, Linear, Single ended

ADC resolution 24bit

Temperature range -30 to +60°C

Dimensions 260x152x55mm

Weight 2.3kg

Power supply: Battery nom. 8 hours / 230VAC / 12-36VDC

Battery capacity 8000mAh

Enclosure IP65

Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU

Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU

Supplied with base software analysis package installed

Upgrade to full VisAnalyser software


8 Channel hardware - up to 64 channels and 16 outputs

Frequency range DC to 80000Hz


Extended voltage measurement range up to 40V

Thermistor and Thermocouple connection

IEPE, Linear, Charge signal conditioning

Sample rate up to 216kHz

120dB Dynamic Range

24 bit ADC

Temperature range 10 to 40°C


up to 24 channels per unit, 512 channels max.

Frequency Range DC, 0.1÷106000 Hz


3 Hardware configs: 24 inputs/0 outputs or 16 inputs/4 outputs or 8 inputs/8 outputs

IEPE, Charge, Linear sensor signal conditioning

120dB Dynamic Range

24 bits ADC

Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU

Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU

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