Fine-tuning signals: Exploring Electronic Filters by Kemo Ltd.


Discover unparalleled accuracy and reliability in electronic signal filtration with Kemo Ltd.’s cutting-edge electronic filters. Designed for optimal performance prior to signal digitization and analysis, our extensive range offers solutions for OEMs and end-users alike. From compact filter modules for seamless integration onto circuit boards to convenient DIN Rail Filter options, we cater to diverse needs.

At Kemo Ltd, quality is ingrained in every aspect of our design and manufacturing processes. With a legacy of over 50 years, our filters stand the test of time, delivering superior performance and longevity. Crafted in the UK, our modular filters feature a versatile configuration, offering a choice of single or multi-channel chassis to suit specific requirements.

Our filters boast a comprehensive suite of features which ensure they are compatible with a wide range of applications and associated sensors. Whether your interest is for a manufacturing production installation or a test, development and research approach, we have a solution from a simple 1 channel unit to multi-channel daisy chained racks.

Our common features include high gain, low noise, IEPE signal conditioning, AC and DC coupling, Single Ended or Differential inputs with other features such as charge amplifier signal conditioning and 4-20mA input/output available in some models. These features ensure a seamless compatibility with direct sensor connections in monitoring, acoustic, vibration and numerous other installations. Whether you require Anti Aliasing, Band Pass, High Pass, Notch, or our specialty Low Pass signal filters, we offer a variety of responses tailored to your application needs. 

All our standard active filter responses (Butterworth, Bessel, Elliptic, Anti-Aliasing, General Purpose) feature an 8-pole solution, offering better Attenuation, this is our recommended route, however if you need to match an old specification or previous test, we can still offer 4 pole versions for most of our responses.

Explore the world of electronic filters with Kemo Ltd. and experience unparalleled precision and flexibility for your signal filtration needs.

DIN Rail Filter

DIN Rail Filters

Fixed and variable filter solutions, with options for charge, IEPE, 4-20mA and PRT signal conditioning

Active Filter module

Active Filter Modules

These modules are available for integration into your PCB design, a range of filter types are available to suit your application

Kemo Modular Electronic Filters Cardmaster 21.2

CardMaster 21.2

Dual channel carrier card for 1200 and 1600 filter modules Fixed and semi-fixed frequency, available in a single or multi-card chassis

CardMaster 255G

CardMaster 255G

Single channel card with front panel control, 254 filter steps, 9 gain steps, interface, signal level indication. Available in a single channel or multi-channel chassis

BenchMaster 21M

BenchMaster 21M

Easy to use versatile manual filter system, switchable highpass / lowpass gain to x50(+34 dB)

BenchMaster 8

BenchMaster 8

Highly versatile 2 channel bench top filter, gain to x500 (+54 dB), the industry standard solution

VBF40 Programmable Electronic Filter

VBF 40

Top of the range multi-channel solution. 1 Hz – 255 kHz, x1000 (+60 dB) Gain, 5 built in Filter Responses, PC control interface

VBF44 4 Channel Programmable Electronic Filter

VBF 44

4 channel fully programmable, 1 Hz – 255 kHz, +60 dB Gain, 5 Built in Filter responses, Top of the range performnace with PC control