New High Performance Patch Panels – Low Noise

Patch panels are widely used as an interface between a test equipment space and an associated control or measurement room which may be remote. By using a patch panel close to the test equipment it is possible to reduce signal noise by installing the shielded low noise cables in a permanent way protected by cable conduit. These low noise cables are not subject to any stress or fatigue which reduces the likelihood of damage or signal interruption casued by cable use.

This also reduces cost because the cables used to connect sensors to the patch panels can be kept short and these are the msot likely part of the cable chain that will suffer damage or fatigue failure.

Patch panels are also referred to as junction boxes, whatever you call them, Kemo’s range of interface panels are the perfect solution for low noise signal interface. When specifying cable lengths please discuss with us so we can advise regarding any possible issues of high frequency signal distortion and the need for increased IEPE signal conditioning current supply.

All Kemo low noise patch panels feature standard elements:

  • Low noise cables (triboelectric noise)
  • Screen coverage greater than 96%
  • Integrated cable gland
  • Cable conduit along cable length
  • Isolated BNC connectors
  • Fully polyester powder coated steel chassis
  • Laser engraved numbering and logo (customer logo can be included)
  • Cables all numbered to match channel numbering
  • Available with thermocouple and other interface types
  • Mounting holes for panel or trolley mounting
  • Panel sizes:
    • 300mm x 200mm – up to 18 channels
    • 300mm x 300mm – up to 36 channels
    • 400mm x 300mm – up to 54 channels

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