Precision Accelerometer Calibration Services for Enhanced Signal Integrity

Unlock the full potential of your instrumentation and ensure peak performance with our comprehensive calibration services. At Kemo, we specialize in accelerometer calibration, signal conditioning equipment calibration and electronic filter calibration in addition to a range of other precision instrument calibrations. With decades of expertise in manufacturing, testing, and calibrating instruments, we guarantee the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. Rest assured, all equipment utilized in our calibration department is meticulously calibrated and traceable to the rigorous standards of UKAS accreditation on a national level.

Our calibration options cover a wide array of products, including:

  • Kemo Electronic Filter Calibration.
  • Piezoelectric and IEPE accelerometer calibration from all manufacturers.
  • Charge amplifiers.
  • IEPE signal conditioning amplifiers.
  • IEPE impact hammer calibration.
  • Handheld accelerometer calibrator

This list provides just a glimpse of our calibration capabilities. Contact us today to discuss your specific calibration requirements and experience the precision and professionalism of Kemo Calibration. Email us at to get started.

But why Choose Kemo Calibration?

Return to Kemo Calibration for unparalleled expertise and confidence in your equipment, in maximizing accuracy and signal integrity. Our in-depth understanding of our own filter products ensures superior calibration results, as we meticulously verify filter responses in addition to gain settings. Trust the low-noise experts at Kemo for quality calibration services that exceed expectations.

Our accelerometer calibration process involves running a stepped sine profile at user-selected frequencies, facilitated by the state-of-the-art RULA Technologies calibration system. Renowned as one of the world’s leading dedicated accelerometer calibration systems, it integrates IEPE and Charge signal conditioning to minimize errors and optimize performance. Back-to-back calibration to ISO16063 with a UKAS traceable standard for reference. TEDS (Transducer Electronic Datasheet) compatible we can update the latest calibration sensitivity to the onboard memory chip.

Streamlined Triaxial Calibration

Streamline your calibration process with our triaxial accelerometer calibration service. Within the same sequence, we calibrate triaxial accelerometers, providing you with a comprehensive single calibration report for added convenience and efficiency.

Benefit from unparalleled performance with our advanced amplification system. Operating with the Data Physics V20/PA100 amplifier system, we ensure a wide frequency response to meet the most demanding calibration requirements.

Experience precision and reliability like never before with our state-of-the-art accelerometer calibration services.

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